Chronicles of the Blades

Act 1, Chapter 1

On a brilliant spring morning, Temper’s Blades were lined up for duty assignment as any other morning. But rather than the usual drab and boring guard duty and garrison detail, there was finally something to do. Events were afoot! The goblinoid forces of Darguun had, for reasons unknown, began mobilizing in small units and invading Brelish territories. The majority of the army was sent in this direction, hoping to turn them back before any problems could arise as a result.

However, a small squad was selected by Temper for a much more important mission. For months, King Boranel had been discussing in secret with his closest aides, and had come to the conclusion that it was both politically and strategically sound to offer a Non-Aggression pact to the nation of Droaam. Despite it being a haven for creatures thought of as monsters and killers, their nation had survived and flourished under the rule of the Daughters of Sora Kell. A Non-Aggression pact would benefit both nations, and cause an end to the actions of warlords within Droaam looking to prove the strengths of their clans against human armies.

To bring this treaty to Droaam, the King selected a rather eccentric noble from his most trusted friends. Deman Tahl has had dealings with Droaam before, and has good relations with the Daughters there. He was a natural choice. Five of Temper’s Blades were assigned to protect him, at all costs.

The first wing of their mission was to meet with Deman Tahl, and board a great elemental airship known as the Pearl Savior, the only Luxury class airship thus far constructed. After learning of Deman’s security concerns (and dealing with his rather unusual behavior and fashion sense), specifically those related to rival Nobles who had a personal stake in preventing this treaty from coming to pass, the squad made their plans to foil the assassins.

Thankfully for them, the assassins were cocky and assumed that security was less than it was, thanks to a clever ploy by the squad. Rhino acted as “sole” bodyguard at Deman’s side, while Winston took on the appearance of a travelling priest and friend to Deman. This allowed the rest of the squad to blend into the crowd and keep a close eye on the proceedings. Thanks to their experience, they were able to spot several of the killers outright.

The first and least experienced of the group was tricked into going below-decks, where he was questioned. Learning the total number of assassins on board (6), Rhino ensured he would no longer be a problem by simply pushing him out a porthole to fall to his demise. That left five more to deal with. Rhino also made sure to “test” the food presented to Deman for “poisons”. It never hurts to be certain, after all.

Back upstairs in the grand ballroom, the squad went about the business of finding the rest. With one of their number vanished, the assassins were a little less sure of themselves. They hastily arranged a new plan. While they scrambled to set it up, the main course meal was brought out to the crowd. While they began their deliciously expensive meals, the squad located the final members they could not locate. One was hiding in plain sight atop a chandelier, using the shadows of the room to his advantage.

With all the assassins located, Tank opted for a less subtle display of skill. Rather than eliminate the assassins one at a time, he called them out publically. By staging a “magic show” and appearing to be the entertainment, the assassins were none the wiser. Until part of his show happened to include “turning the assassin on the chandelier into a man-cicle and smashing him like glass on the floor”. Their surprise trap sprung, our heroes moved on the hired killers.

Making short work of their quarry, they kept one to question for any other information they could not obtain before. Among that information was a “name”, scrawled on a tattered note. The note informed the killers that the rest of their pay would be sent on completion of the hit. The only hint of the name was a single “K”. When questioned, the assassin captive speculated that it may have been Korfin Roola that hired them, though they did not actually know who was in charge. They had dealt with agents of whoever it was pulling the reigns, rather than the client directly. With no other information to give, the assassin was killed (can’t have him causing problems later on, after all!).

Deman stated that Korfin Roola is a Noble in Breland with connections to House Cannith, and has largely been “off the grid” for quite some time.

With Deman safe, and Droaam just a few hours away by air, what could be waiting for our heroes ?

Loot of Note:

  • Note from “K”
  • Assassins each wore a necklace, shaped as a claw,carved from green jade.



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