Deman Tahl

Eccentric Nobleman, Dabbler in arcane arts, and lover of bizarre fashion.


Eccentric, unusual and perhaps more than a little erratic, Deman Tahl is royal aide to King Boranel. He was selected by the King to broker a Non-Aggression pact with Droaam, with Temper’s Blades acting as his bodyguard for the mission.

Despite his odd personality, he is strangely charismatic. This may be due to people underestimating his intellect, or simply be due to his natural charm (if you can call it that).

He has a fixation on food, women, ridiculously flamboyant clothing and sex.

He is far more than he at first seemed, apparently knowing Draconic Prophecy almost as well as Ricker does. Considering the rarity of prophecy marks, not to mention those capable of translating them in any capacity, Deman must be special indeed.

Deman Tahl

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