Peace is never eternal. Sure, the Last War ended four years ago. But it wasn’t ended due to a victory. The Day of Mourning ended the war through mutual fear across all the former nations of Galifar, and the Treaty of Thronehold was signed shortly afterwards to solidify the tense but necessary peace.

Your company fought during the war, winning a great deal of battles in the process. Commander Temper is a legend of this war, and it was from him that you learned nearly everything you know about warfare. Your skills as a squad are well known to those in your company, and even among some of the citizenry that you helped to protect on the borders of Breland.

Your reputation has done you well, for King Boranel himself is showing interest in you now. It is at his request that your adventure begins. What the future holds is uncertain, but you can be damned sure that there will be bloodshed, treachery and intrigue…probably far more of each then you could stomach on your own.

Chronicles of the Blades

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