Chronicles of the Blades

Act 1, Chapter 5

On the way back to Wroat, Tank and Gash talked with Ricker about his reaction to the coat…and its’ reaction to him. He wasn’t fully forthcoming with answers, though he did inform them of the Coat of Eyes creator and approximate age. He stated that such a powerful artifact being warded such as it had been was possible only by demons, daelkyr, or gods. Regardless of who, they are extremely powerful and not likely to be pleased at the Coat being free from its’ containment.

Once in Wroat, a lovely young knight named Blinds met with them at the docks, and led them to the castle. She seemed to have a thing for Winston, and invited him for a more “private” get together at a later date. She had heard of Winstons actions during the war, and found him attractive for his willingness to aid others against the odds.

The PCs talked to King Boranel, informing him of their most recent mission and all the events that transpired. Pleased with their success and defense of the nation, he saw fit to Knight them all. In addition to being knighted, he also asked them to join the Dark Lanterns. They are a secret group within the military of the Citadel Army. Their purpose: to do whatever it takes to protect the country and crown, any cost.

They were also introduced to the Courtesan, Bard and Royal Ward named Maya.

Their first mission is to locate and eliminate the threat that Korfin Roola represents. He has committed treason through an assassination attempt against the King’s Adviser, Deman Tahl, and is smuggling artifacts into Breland for purposes unknown. He is believed to be looking for the Obsidian City in Xendrik.

To get there, the PCs had to first find a captain crazy enough to take them across on a route that would ensure secrecy…but be ripe with danger. The Thunder Sea is a harsh mistress, and harsher still at its’ center. They found this captain at Nancy’s Harbor Cafe in Sharn. Captain Shazarak wasn’t too tough to find, once you got through the drunken crowds and knew what whore he was with at the time. Through a little intimidation and an attention to detail, the Lanterns located said captain.

While they did this, Gash had vulgar, dirty sex with the half-orc whore Rosalita. His performance has become legend among the girls at Nancy’s Harbor Cafe.

Shazaraks obsession with the bard, Maya, was their bargaining chip. While his standard rates were ludicrous at best, in exchange for her accompanying them on the journey Shazarak offered to sail them where they needed to go for a relatively cheap rate. They would leave the next day at noon.

Their first week at sea was relatively uneventful, but on the seventh day the winds picked up. Without warning, a monstrous storm was upon them. Risking life and limb, the party aided the captain and crew to the best of their ability. The brutal storm made itself known, but thanks to timely actions, serious damage to the vessel as well as the loss of crew was seriously minimized. Despite waves of astounding magnitude, lightning striking the deck and taking in water they survived!

In the end, the vessel lost 1 crewman and took only a few minor scrapes.

They now sail the high seas, heading swiftly for Xendrik. What awaits them next?



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