Chronicles of the Blades

Act 1, Chapter 4

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Deeper onward they pressed, into the stygian depths beneath the earth into which they had bravely wandered.

Almost tripping over the corpse of the Dolgrim that escaped them, they were quite curious how he had died. Yet no clues were immediately forthcoming. And so they continued deeper still, coming to a long hallway.

Once they had established some light, they saw that the angles here were all wrong. Clearly someone had built this chamber, like the rest of the putrid temple within which they had found so many abominations. But whoever it was had no capacity for sane construction. Every surface appeared to curve both towards and away simultaneously, creating a bizarre sensation of depth that threatened to dizzy the careless onlooker. But the walls were less interesting than what was carved upon them, or the massive door that loomed at the halls end.

The newly donned Coat of Eyes allowed Gash to translate the carvings on the walls in a limited capacity, making sense to the pictograms that accompanied them. Some form of dark worship was going on in all three pictograms. In each, a single eye dominated the image, with dark sacrifices and bizarre monstrosities filling up the rest of the images….apart from the last. It clearly showed Sharn being grasped from below by massive tendrils, causing the buildings to curve towards one another. Thousands of beings knelt and gave praise to whatever entity the eye belonged to, as it watched on from above.

The problem was, the carvings pre-dated Sharns current incarnation by at least several thousand years. But the similarity to modern Sharn was virtually unmistakable.

After discerning a way to open the fifty-foot doors at the corridors end, our intrepid crew wandered into a room filled with complete darkness…save for a small circle of light cast by 4 braziers. Sunrods nor magical light aided in piercing the darkness. Natural light, however, seemed to work just fine. With that in mind, they explored the massive cavern in which they now found themselves.

Upon an altar within the circle of torchlight lay the last of the Orc scout bodies, neatly vivisected, his organs totally removed. Beside this corpse lay a tome of unknown origin. Tank quickly discerned that it should probably not be tampered with. The bones decorating its cover helped with that decision. The dark aura permeating its’ form helped too. But when he attempted to destroy the book, the door to the chamber slammed shut…and a deep grinding sound was heard at the far end in the darkness they had not yet explored.

They soon learned what it was. Red and Winston opted to investigate….and before them stood a massive carving, larger than any statue either of them had seen. It was a multitude of mouths and grasping tendrils, several of which were as thick as tree trunks and long enough to extend out of sight towards the unseen cavern ceiling. And whatever this thing was supposed to represent, they didn’t like it one bit.

Soon after the discovery, the thing began to move….They stood against the horrid abomination that was the monstrous living statue despite grievous wounds, and though it proved a great challenge, they were triumphant.

As the statue shattered into pieces, a prophecy mark manifested within the torchlight circle. Staring at it for a few moments, Tank found he was somehow able to make sense of it to a limited degree…as if it was translating itself for him.

(more about the prophecies later, in a separate section)

Their task complete, they investigated the rest of the issues that concerned them, next. Were the townsfolks souls freed from the writing on the walls, near their initial descent? It seemed not. The souls were still bound, and none of them could discern how to save them. They opted to seek greater powers to do this for them.

The town itself was cleared of the malign aura now, and they were now willing to leave.

Soon they found themselves back at the feet of Sora Katra , who had apparently been “entertaining” Deman Tahl for quite some time. Both seemed in good enough spirits, though Sora Katra was quite annoyed that the party had teleported the Orc scout bodies directly to her private Demense. She also noticed a strange “odor” about Gash…likely sensing his Coat of Eyes, which he was disguising using it’s own power.

She was a woman of her word, and signed the non-aggression pact. She also agreed to send her most powerful shaman to cleanse the souls from the trap on the wall…if it was possible at all.

The party, task completed, headed out. But this was not the end.

Deman Tahl and Ricker had many questions (and some answers)

Deman Tahl revealed that he was more than an eccentric diplomat. He was the King’s Aide and Advisor! He was sent on this mission primarily due to good relations with the Daughters of Sora Kell due to events in the past.

He and Ricker were quite curious about the Prophecy Marks, and seemed to be able to translate the one they had found in the village. Ricker, specifically, took a few moments to decode what he could. After he read it aloud, the party was quite disturbed. It told of a dark power rising from some sort of depths, and it certainly did not sound good.

When they asked about the Artifact the PCs had aquired, Gash revealed the Coat of Eyes by removing its disguise. Ricker instantly went sheet white, and bolted from the room without a moments pause.

What did he know of this coat that scared him so much? And what will happen when the PCs arrive back in Wroat?


Lucky Charm Neck Slot
Monkey’s paw, or rabbits foot…this lucky charm helps you snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.
Property:+2 Fortitude, Reflex and Will
Power(Daily):No Action. Trigger: You miss with an attack or fail a skill check, ability check, or saving throw. Effect: Roll a d6 and add the result to the attack roll, skill check, ability check, or saving throw.
Clay of Creation Reagent
Your summoned creatures are tougher when you use this material.
Power(Consumable):Free. You expend this reagent when you use a summoning power of up to 5th level. The summoned creature gains 5 temporary hit points, and the first time it misses with an attack, you reroll that attack roll but must use the second result.
Wallwalkers Boots
The supple spidersilk boots five you the mobility of an arachnid, if only for a brief time.
Property: If you begin your turn standing on a horizontal surface, you can walk on walls as if they were horizontal surfaces. If you are not on a horizontal surface sufficient to bear your weight at the end of your move, you fall to the ground, taking damage accordingly.
Power(Daily):Minor Action. Walk on walls as if they were horizontal surfaces until the end of the encounter.
Piercing Weapon +2 Dagger
This point of this spear extends, digs deep into an enemy’s flesh, and leaves a weeping wound.
Critical:+2d6 damage
Power(Daily):Free Action. Use this power when you hit a target with this weapon. The target takes ongoing damage equal to your Dexterity modifier + this weapon’s enhancement bonus (save ends).
The Coat of Eyes +2 Leather Armor
Crafted by the daelkyr Belashyrra, this leather jerkin is formed from chitin and raw muscle. Dozens of eyes are set across it, taking in everything that happens around the wearer.
Enhancement:+2 AC
Property: You gain resist 5 psychic and resist 5 poison.
Property: You gain a +1 item bonus to Perception checks but take a -1 penalty to Insight checks.
Property: You gain the ability to speak, read, and write Deep Speech fluently.
Power (At-Will): Minor Action. Change the Coat of Eyes into hide armor (it retains its enhancement and properties).
Power (At-Will): Immediate Interrupt. When you are struck by an effect that would blind you. Negate the blinded condition.
Parrying Weapon +2 Weapon
Your weapon cuts a bloody swathe through your foes when powered by this blood-red dragon shard.
Critical:+2d6 damage
Power (Daily):Immediate Reaction. Use this power when an enemy makes a melee attack against you. Make a melee basic attack against that enemy, with a power bonus on your attack roll equal to this weapon’s enhancement bonus; if your result exceeds that of the attack roll against you, the enemy’s attack misses. The melee basic attack you make to block your enemy’s attack has no other effect and does not deal damage.
Eberron Shard of Bleeding Wounds Implement (Dragonshard Augment)
Your weapon cuts a bloody swathe through your foes when powered by this blood-red dragon shard.
Property:Whenever an attack with the augmented weapon deals ongoing damage to a creature, increase the ongoing damage value by 2.
Horned Helm
This horned helmet increases the damage you deal when making a charge attack.
Property:Your charge attacks deal +1d6 damage.
Alchemist’s Acid
When shattered, this glass vial releases a spray of acid.
Power (Consumable, Acid):Standard Action. Make an attack: Ranged 5/10; +9 vs. Reflex; 1d10 acid damage and ongoing 5 acid damage (save ends); on miss, half damage and no ongoing acid damage.
Act 1, Chapter 4
Unknown Tome Ancient Artifact
This thick tome is clearly ancient. Bound in a strange leather, the book is decorated with bone accents that are carved in the likenesses of bizarre creatures, eyes, and mouths. It gives you chills when you look at it, and it seems to WANT to be read. Sadly, the language within is no known written language although it bears likeness to Deep Speech.
Power: Unknown
Power: Unknown
Power: Unknown
Power: Unknown
Act 1, Chapter 4

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