Temper's Blade Healer/Chaplain


You can download my character sheet from Chris’ dropbox folder.


Winston is a wise soul for his age. His early childhood was a difficult time for him as he was constantly at odds with his environment. Aside from the constant raids from monsters or other warmongering elements, he also found difficulty in identifying with the adults in his life. Many of their opinions seemed contrary to what he believed to be morally sound, and this intuition only became more pronounced as he grew older.
Thus it was that a desire to do right seemed ingrained in his character from a young age. Joining the Path of Light only seemed to be a natural extension of his own personal beliefs about the world at large. This is because Winston tended to think about the world in a sort of general, abstract fashion; and the broad, positive principles of the Path of Light tended to mesh well with this way of thinking.
Winston believes that civilization is in some way a “great enlightener” if only it could be instituted properly by men of immensely true moral character. This is perhaps why he joined the Breland military, ending up an integral part of “Temper’s Blade”—a sort of semi-vain attempt at promoting peace in Khorvaire through the political stability and hegemony of Breland.
Within his squad he is clearly an inspiring force, although he can at times pontificate cloyingly about the benefits of the Path of Light and Il-Yannah’s providence. He is easy to get a long with, despite his principled nature as he is open to the opinions of others. Finally, his desire for the well-being of others is probably the main reason he chose the path of a healing cleric over that of the warrior, although he would not hesitate to do mortal harm if he believed his fundamental principles were at stake.


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